How to become an escort in 2024

A Comprehensive 2024 guide to becoming a female escort in the West Midlands and North West for free.

You can become a well paid high class escort covering the Midlands or North West of the UK with Aspire Models as we are recruiting at the moment. Read all about what our organisation can offer you, and we will point out some pitfalls of trying to become an escort in the United Kingdom.

Our guide will show you what to look out for when selecting an agency to work with, so that you can obtain the perfect escort job for yourself and become financially much better off. Please use our contact form on our website if you have any further questions not answered on this page.

Why join our escort agency?

Aspire models were originally created to service clients in the West Midlands area who were looking for glamorous ladies at a time when there were very few organisations offering such an Elite service. We now cover a wide variety of locations and have accepted both domestic and international assignments.

So when you decide to join our Elite agency, you will be working with an agency whose staff are from a corporate background and are therefore use to dealing with high-end corporate clients.

This is one of the reasons why we are one of the highest paying agencies in the Midlands and we do so without placing our ladies under pressure to work, when they say that they are not available, or simply want to take some time off.

We also have a low turnover of staff, this is due to the fact that we treat both our clients and girls who work for the agency with the maximum amount of respect. This is the reason we have been in this business for so long and have an excellent reputation in the industry.

All successful applicants will receive a FREE Photoshoot.

Like most elite agencies, the photos you see on their websites have been taken by professional photographers either in a studio or posh apartment/hotel. We recognise the fact that many of our new applicants may not have the funds to go and spend £600 to £2500 or more on a glamorous photoshoot at the time of joining.

It is for this reason that we foot the cost of your first professional shoot when you join our agency. Be aware that we really do mean ‘FREE’, we don’t mean that we will pay for your shoot in advance, and then expect you to pay us back at a later date.

There is no joining FEE.

Unfortunately, there have been several reports over the years of unscrupulous companies set up solely to prey on men and women who would like to become escorts. They have flash websites depicting a cash-rich lifestyle you will lead as a new escort.

They may even tell you that they have a client for you to see that night! All you have to do is pay a joining fee into their account, and they will make the arrangements. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, as soon as you make the payment, they will either fob you off with a story about the client cancelling or not even bother to answer your phone calls and texts. We have talked to countless applicants who have been tricked by these criminals. Professional agencies do not require you to pay a joining fee because it is not part of their business model.

So let me spell this out for you. There is no fee to join Aspire Models whatsoever, you are not required to pay any money upfront for any of the services we provide. Be it profile creation, advertising, photoshoots, or editing of photos. If you're talking to any agency, and they request any kind of joining fee, then you should find someone else to work with.

What we can offer you

Our agency is the provider of high-class elite escort work  in Birmingham, Nottingham, Shropshire, Manchester, and Staffordshire areas like Stoke on Trent. We are professional, supportive, and we will provide everything you need to be successful.

We are always looking to work with reliable Escorts at Aspire Models. If you want to get into the escort business and join our wonderful team, then you should work with an agency that has your best interests at heart.

Our agency is here to provide you with the best quality clients, and we do not take liberties with your safety and most of all, you work when you are available to work.

How to Apply

The easiest and fastest way to apply to join Aspire Models is to make contact with us via Text/Whatsapp. We will have a chat with you to establish if we are a good fit to work together. We will also need to see what you currently look like.

Don't worry, you won't need to send us Professional photos and like we mentioned before. We will take care of arranging for you to be professionally photographed for our website.

The photos you send need recent and normal, we do not need to see anything explicit, but we do need to get a good idea of what your figure is like.

RATES & EXCLUSIVITY:- Our Escort Agency standards and client's expectations are very high. Hence, we are very selective and only focus on showcasing the most Exclusive High-Class Companions, Luxury VIP Model Escorts, and Travel Companions in the West Midlands and North West.


DISCLAIMER: This is an Adult site only for ages 18+. We are an Introduction Agency only representing escort applicants' profiles for time and companionship only, if anything else occurs it is a choice between two consenting adults. All escorts are self-employed and responsible for their own taxes.

Please text or whatsapp the number in the top right if you would like to join our team.


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